Creating Your Own Space


Creating Your Own Space

Every room in your home plays a vital role in family life and none more so than kitchens and bathrooms, which find themselves at the centre of family activities, fun and food. Ingrid Geldof discusses this in a recent interview with Build & Renovate Today, and gives insights into what should go into creating your own kitchen or bathroom.

When starting with a blank canvas what should people
consider before they start?

You need to have comprehensive information to provide to designers so they understand the needs of a client.
 They need to know what appliances they want to use, whether they want a double basin, have specific storage requirements and how they want them to function. They need to know if you have children, grandchildren, or if you entertain a lot, use the inside or outdoor space more than the other.

A good way to communicate your ideas is to gather information and look at how you work now, and how you can be open and stretch beyond what you like. Collect images of things you like and start a folder – divide it in to different sections for each room in the house including any ideas you may have. 
Make sure you know exactly why you like it, whether that be the handle, the colour, or the function.

Whether you intend to play around with design ideas to give your existing kitchen or bathroom a visual lift, or renovate from scratch, Ingrid Geldof Design will help you to form stunning interior space with timeless style.

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