Kitchen Designer Ingrid Geldof on Life


Kitchen Designer Ingrid Geldof on Life

An interesting and insightful article looking into who Ingrid Geldof is outside the kitchen. The piece by Press reporter Kate Price gives a real insight into Ingrid's heritage, vision and personality.

In a Bealey Ave office, Ingrid Geldof turns homeowners' ideas into dream kitchens. It's something she has been doing since her mid 20s, after a sales role introduced her to kitchen design and her passion was ignited. Ingrid Geldof Design is a business Christchurch residents have been using to complete their homes since 1993. But there's more to this woman than kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Ingrid's smiling blue eyes peek out from beneath a long, straight fringe. Her slight frame is covered by a blue patterned top and black pants that elongate her legs. She is at ease in her surroundings - the labelled folders, computers and paperwork - and in hot demand, if the regular chirping of her phone is anything by which to judge. When we meet, she is fresh from an overseas trip that started with a wedding in the Blue Mountains in Australia and included the world-famous Milan Furniture Fair, a few days in Barcelona, a visit to a benchtop factory in southern Spain, a stop in Grenada and family time in the Netherlands. The 48-year-old is a busy woman.

Efficiency is key to her successful business, and something Ingrid views as important. She minimises waste in her life wherever possible, and puts her time to good use.

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Photos by Kelly Shakespeare